Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Nice Place

Still from The Return by Kathryn Dudding

A series of screenings of New Zealand films, contemporary and past, all exploring the nature of certain places.

May 13, 6pm

Dry Dock

A new instalment of Gabriel White’s playful travelogue The World Blank. Concentrating mostly on Antwerp, Belgium, White sifts through the petty debris of contemporary Europe to weave a gritty and witty portrait. Introduced by the filmmaker.

May 20, 6pm


Films from the forthcoming compilation DVD of New Zealand experimental films to be given away free with the next issue of ILLUSIONS Magazine. Includes work by Naomi Lamb, Philip Dadson, Yolanda Canardo Galve, SJ Ramir, Richard von Sturmer and Martin Rumsby. Presented by Martyn Rumsby.

May 27, 6pm

The Return

"Kathy Dudding's experimental documentary - a poetic portrait of Wellington city - achieves a pleasing and eerie resonance through the simplest of formal devices. On the soundtrack she constructs a conversation that might have occurred in the past by merging the reminiscences of her 90-year-old grandmother's early life in Wellington with her own reflections. On screen she intercuts her own placidly composed images of the Wellington waterfront with black and white ‘found footage' shot in Wellington between 1908-1933. The passage of time is elegantly inscribed in this poignant and thoughtful film". — Bill Gosden. Introduced by the filmmaker.

This May at The Auckland Film Archive, level 1, 300 K rd.

Drinks provided

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Supported by The New Zealand Film Archive and Creative Communities